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The Xnova Supersonic Racing FPV Motor Combos are here!!!
Xnova 2204-2600 and 2206-2500
Available Now!!!

Xnova XTS OXY-3 2216-4100kv
MAP $85.00
Our Price: $85.00

2216-4100 Oxi motor type A shaft
best motor for a 6S
Battery Configuration
List Price: $249.00
Our Price: $249.00

CORTEX New 3-axis stabilization system for fixed wing model aircraft.
Extremely smooth flight characteristics - even in strong, gusty wind.
Fast training - Adjustable gyro assistance – Precise flight
Side View
Xnova 2204-2300KV FPV 4 Motor Combo
MAP $100.00
Our Price: $100.00

Xnova 2204-2300KV FPV 4 Motor Racing Combo
3.5mm Shaft

Xnova Heli Motors are all in stock now! Check out these high performance motors to upgrade your heli today!

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DryFluid Gear 10ml
Our Price: $17.99

New Products

Xnova 2206-2300KV FPV 4 Motor Combo
Our Price: $118.00
Xnova 2206-2500KV FPV 4 Motor Combo
Our Price: $118.00

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